Obligations For Requesting Representation

قالب وردپرس قالب چند منظوره وردپرس

✅ The other party undertakes to maintain a trustee’s trust in the first party’s information and not to provide it to potential competitors (first party) in the presence and absence of the first party, as well as the right not to cooperate with the potential competitors of the first party; otherwise, the first party has the right to terminate one-way Contract and complaint from the second party.

✅ The other party outside the geographical scope of the contract (referred to in Article 1) has no right to engage in the subject matter of the contract; otherwise, the first party has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally and file a complaint from the other party.

✅ The other party has the right to sell Leco products out of the scope of its representation to the other representatives of the first party or any other purchaser without first obtaining written permission from the first party.

✅ The other party does not have the right to produce parallel products with leco products.

✅ The second party is obliged to place the check prior to purchase to the first party if you wish to buy with a check.

✅The check must be approved by the first party.
✅ The cost of re-dispatching and depreciation of the products is entirely up to the second party.

✅ The other party undertakes to comply with all leaked rates.

✅The second party may add the amount declared by the first party to the cost of transportation by coordinating the first party at the price of the products.

✅The second party undertakes (if required) to accept the first-party approvals for the provision of the equipment and services of the Lecco company.

✅Second, the first session of the Leko Assembly of Representatives, whose information will be communicated through public relations, will be personally present after the finalization of the contract and will be represented personally at its subsequent meetings.

✅ The other party undertakes to have at least one team to participate in the first national succession of lecocup and subsequent lacocups.

If the offenses of the other party are such that the damage of the first party increases over time, the first party may refer directly to the judicial authorities, regardless of this clause.

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