Obligations That Leco Gives

قالب وردپرس قالب چند منظوره وردپرس

✅ The first one undertakes to provide all necessary information to the other party for the products and services that it requires to attract customers.

✅  The information and services mentioned above, including the provision of information about the type of training and the training curriculum, is the relationship between the Lecco dealership with the other party.
✅ The amount of this information will be determined by the first party and will be in the form of first-come-first-served directives.
✅ The first one is responsible for providing its products with the desired quality and technical, scientific and educational support from the second party to provide after-sales services.

✅ The first one undertakes to provide all of its products with a discount of 20% in the following way to the second party.

✅ This discount will be in the form of exemption from the 20% interest paid by the general customer, and the rebate will not include the second party.
✅  The first one is obliged to send the goods up to 51 business days after the written request (purchase from the official site of Lecco).

✅ All expenses related to the delivery of equipment purchased by the second party.

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