The Dubai World’s Lecocup – October 18-20, 2018

قالب وردپرس قالب چند منظوره وردپرس

The Dubai World’s Lecocup – October 18-20, 2018

According to the Public Relations Department of the Knowledge Base of Lecco
The Dubai World Lecocup World Campaign was held on October 18-20, in UAE.

During this period, students went to Dubai City Children City to play.
Students ‘cards were then donated to students’ cards and ID cards.

On the second day of the World Lecocup Championship
In 4 fields of Leco Robo, Leco Bridge , Leco Mas and Leco Q were held
And at the end The top honors were appreciated.
After the end of the tournament, all students went to the Khalifa Tower and visited this place of recreation.
On the third and final day of the student visit to Sharjah City and visited Sciense Mueseum in Sharjah.

Results of World Lecocup Matches:

League 1 Lecomas:
First person: Karen Musazadeh Sayyad Mahalleh of Rudsar

Second: Zainab Moazzan from Noor

League 2 Lecomas:
First person: Daniel Moradi from Kermanshah

League 3 Lecomas:

First Person: Narges Safari

Second: Niayesh Akbari

Advanced football robot:
First person: Raham Farajpur from Qaemshahr

Second: Reza Nourani from Ghaemshahr

Field Thought League 1:
First person: Ehsan Hafezi from Tabriz

Farm Thought League 2:
First Person: Balen Takir Eri from Gorgan

Leco Bridge
First person: Seyyed Mohammad Ehsan Shariatzadeh from Golbahar

Second: Soren and Sorena Nowruz from Tabriz

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