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In The Name of God

The Leco based knowledge group was formed to reach the goals of the field of thought by employing committed and professional lecturers and managers in 2012. So far, we have been able to open up a number of branches throughout our beloved country with the help of the Lord and welcome the dear people. All activities of the center Based on the theory of the field of thought, which is based on building students’ beliefs and reinforcing morale and trying to solve the problem in attractive ways.
Leco’s Knowledge Foundation is seeking to advance the development and development of elite science and education projects based on its objectives, based on interaction and cooperation with practitioners, elites, and academic and educational instructors of the country. A suitable platform for growth, creativity and ideas for students.

The main activities of the center are as follows:
Production and localization of educational products and equipment
Planning and Thermal Training Courses
Holding scientific research fairs for free
Counseling and support to attend the Kharazmi and Jabrobn Hayan Youth Festival
Student Research Camp
Holding the Lecukop Scientific-Research Competitions from School to International Levels
All activities mentioned in the field of robotics such as Lecorobo 1 and Lecorobo 2, Aerospace (Leukoplia), Mental and Math abacus calculations (lecomath), Creative engineering (lecokids), Laboratory science (Lecolab), Thinking field (Leco Q) Chemical fuel machines (Leco Chem e car), astronomy and nanoparticles.
Leco’s knowledge-based group, with directional planning, is attempting to incorporate disciplines appropriate to modern sciences and future technologies into its educational planning and, through membership in national and academic clubs and headquarters, such as the Special Promotion and Promotion of Nanoscience Headquarters in the Vice-President of Science and Technology The presidency will always be in line with the modern world sciences.
Hope to be able to take a step towards the development of the country and to witness the progress of the children of Iran’s proud people in all national and international arenas, with the help of our dear people.

Education Courses:
Leco, as a thermic and workshop, provides courses in various fields for ages 5 to 18 years. These courses are evaluated and monitored by experts in Leco.
Leco, with scheduled orienteering competitions at school, county, state, and country level, as well as top players at the national tournaments and World Welkong Games in Dubai.
By providing training courses, Leco creates a suitable setting for students to attend the Jabben Hayyan and Young Khwarizmi festivals.
Scientific camps:
By providing the right conditions, Lecoe is able to visit scientific and industrial centers for students to familiarize themselves with the real environment of technology, and to organize camps and academic workshops such as astronomical observation, the construction of Quad Quad, and … Trying to update and enhance the student’s research ability.
One-day research workshops (workshop):
Leco, with the holding of research workshops on astronomical observations, aerospace (Quad Quad), nano, macaroni bridges, farm fields … is trying to motivate and strengthen students’ research morale. The workshops are one day and in At the end of the exhibition, students’ research results will be issued to the participants in the workshop

Leco Robo
Leco Math
Leco Lab
leco Domino
Leco Bridge
Leco Q
Leco Fly
Leco Chem e car
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